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Rhino Ironworks Gun Safe CIWD7242X | 72"H x 42"W x 27"D | 54 Long Gun | 85 Min

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Usually Ships in: This Model is Custom-Made to Order. Will Ship Between 15 to 22 Weeks. *ETA to USA Only

Dimensions: 42" W x 72" H x 27" D

* Estimate to the 48 Contiguous USA States Only

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Rhino Safes (CIWD7242X) - Iron Works Series was built with the skill and sweat of a talented team that builds the most beautiful and secure safes in the world, today. This series was built with much higher security and fireproof standards than what you can find in regular big box stores or even other leading brands. 

Not only that, but the top of the line security and fireproof standards are also paired with beautiful and luxurious craftsmanship both inside and out to make these safes part art, part furniture while sacrificing none of the security and fireproof features. 

The Rhino Ironworks Series is the most exclusive of Rhino’s line of products. Each product has been hand-antiqued and distressed to give each of these safes a unique look you’ll love. Many of our customers have even regarded this safe as an heirloom piece that will be passed down from generation to generation! If you love fine craftsmanship, you will love the Ironworks Series.

Watch Rhino Metals CIWD Ironworks Series Safe Overview Below



Security Features

  • Experience One of the Strongest & Most Secure Safes with 12 Gauge Fully-Welded Steel -- Built with a 12-Gauge Construction all around. This means that this safe is an absolute tank! It would be very difficult to find a stronger & more secure safe at this price point.
  • Prevent Drill & Punch Attacks with Anti-Punch & Anti-Drill Door-Bolt Mechanism -- The interior bolt mechanism has been designed to a much higher security standard making it very difficult for burglars to use drills or punch rods to break into the safe.


rhino safe ball bearing drill plates


  • Ball-Bearing Drill Plate to Protect the Lock Against Drill Attacks -- A ball-bearing drill plate placed behind the lock makes it impossible for safe-crackers to use power tools (e.g. Drills) to destroy the lock and break into this safe.


Ball-Bearing drill plates provide much more protection than simple steel plates (commonly used in other safes) as the power tools will usually melt & get destroyed before breaking through a ball-bearing drill plate.


rhino's external corner reinforcement on AIW and A series


  • Most Vulnerable Corners are Strengthened (2x) with External Corner Reinforcements -- These external corner reinforcements located on the corners and door edges double the strength, durability, and rigidity in these key weak areas.


The addition of the external corner reinforcements is a feature exclusive to the Rhino's AIW & CIWD Iron Works Series.


  • Resist Pry-Bar & Crow-Bar Attacks with (1.25") Door-bolts for 4-Way Protection (16 Bolts Total) -- The doors are secured by (16 Bolts Total) 1.25" door-bolts on all 4-sides of the door. This means that the doors have no weak spots and are fully resistant to pry-bar and crow-bar attacks.
  • Additional Line of Protection Against Pry-Bar & Crow-Bar Attacks with External Reinforcement Ring -- In addition to the massive door-bolts, burglars will have a really difficult time breaking into this safe with the external reinforcement rings.
  • Protect Against Attacks Using Excessive Force with an Anti-Tamper Clutch Handle (Patented F-4 Locking System) -- If excessive force is applied to the handle, the clutch system will disengage and the doors will remain locked adding to the security of your safe.
  • Safe Will Remain Secure Even if Lock is Completely Destroyed with a Spring-Loaded Re-Locker -- If a breach to the locks were to happen, it will cause the re-locker to activate, locking the safe, and preventing the door from being opened.
  • Certified with UL ® as a Residential Security Container (RSC) and meets or exceeds California DOJ acceptable gun safe standards -- A RSC Certification means that this gun safe adequately resisted attacks by mechanical tools on all sides of the safe. 


Fire Protection Features

  • 85 Minute Fire-Resistance @ 1400 F -- The interior of your safe will maintain a safe temperature that will not damage your guns or other accessories even if exposed to 1400 F fire for 85 minutes. 
  • Keep Out Heat & Smoke with a Heat-Activated Door Seal -- The door seal expands up to 7 times its size sealing the door edge to help keep out heat and smoke. And with Rhino’s External Hinge System, the door seal can expand evenly around the hinge area, therefore, avoiding the issue of contents around the hinge area exposed to heat damage.


rhino's complete coverage fire lining     competitors incomplete fire lining


  • No Hot Spots & Additional Fire Protection with Full Coverage Fire Lining on the Door Frame -- Unlike other safes that don’t offer full protection throughout the safe, Rhino safes have full coverage fire lining to prevent hot spots (areas vulnerable to heat). Giving additional protection against heat damage.


Full Coverage Fire Lining is made possible due to Rhino Ironworks unique external hinge system, which is why most common gun safes do not have this feature.


Storage Features

rhino safes exterior hinge system allows for 180 degrees opening


  • Easier and Faster Access to Your Valuables with Doors that Open a Full 180 Degrees -- With Rhino Safes’ Unique External Hinge Design, you will be able to open your safe’s door a full 180 degrees making it very easy and fast to access whatever you need.
  • Keep Your Handguns, Ammo, and Other Smaller Accessories Organized with a Deluxe Door Organizer -- Rhino Safes Come With A Deluxe Door Organizer giving you extra ways to organize your belongings.



  • Keep Electronics Charged While in the Safe with An Internal Electrical Outlet with USB Ports  -- Rhino Safes left no stone unturned by providing its users to charge their electronic devices while stored securely in their safes.
  • Illuminate your Safe’s Interior with Motion Sensor Activated Lights (Available as an upgrade)  -- Rhino’s 9 Wand LED Light Kit. Each wand is 15” long and has 18 LED Lights and comes with self-adhesive backings for easy installation.


rhino safes swing out gun rack


  • Organize & Have Easy Access to Your Long-Guns/Rifles with Scratch-Proof 13-Gun Swing Out Gun Rack System (Available as an upgrade) -- The gun rack that fits this safe has padded butt and barrel rests to prevent scratches or damages to your guns. It is also designed to be the most efficient way to store your guns and allows you to retrieve your guns without removing other ones.


6 Gun Swing Out Rack Fits the Following Rhino Safe Models (KB19ECX, CD6030X, CIWD6030X, A6033X, AIW6033X
13 Gun Swing Out Rack Fits the Following Rhino Safe Models (KB5940EX, KB5950EXS, K5940EX, K7136EX, K7144EX, CIWD/CD 6040X, CIWD/CD 7242X, CIWD/CD 7256X, AIW/A 6042X, AIW/A 7242X, AIW/A 7256X, RW6042X 


  • An Array of EMP-Resistant Locks -- Rhino has partnered up with the top lock manufacturers to (e.g. S&G, SecuRam) to provide you a wide array of EMP-Resistant manual combination or electronic locks


Design & Style Features

  • Hand-Crafted & Unique So No Two Safes are the Same -- Ironworks is the most exclusive of Rhino’s line of products. Each product has been hand-antiqued and distressed to give each of these safes a unique look you’ll love.
  • 3-Spoke Cast Iron Wheel -- This gorgeous wheel gives the safe a vintage feel while still making sure your safe is easy to open.
  • Plush Adjustable Shelving and Interior Walls -- A distressed leatherette gives a lavish interior look while also protecting your guns and belongings.


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Customer Reviews

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Love this thing

Couldn’t be happier with this safe. I feel secure knowing that my firearms are protected. I get compliments on it constantly. One of the best investments I’ve made. Plus it makes an awesome backdrop for taking photos for the gram

This thing is a tank!

This safe is definitely a true work of art! The craftsmanship is incredible. When it comes to safes you get what you pay for so why not get a safe you know will keep your belongings secure? I would definitely recommend this safe to anyone who is searching for what is best for them.

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Great service

Good follow-up after the sale. Unit arrived in good condition. We only asked for "curbside" delivery, but the driver actually put it in the shop for us. We have a big and flat driveway. Your trucking company may vary.


Outstanding quality products and service!
Great prices.
Very quick to respond to questions.
Highly recommend and will definitely do business again.


Quickest delivery ever. I received my cabinets the next day.
Thank you for being so efficient.

Excellent customer service by Sam, great price on quality safe.