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Locker Down Vehicle Console Safes

Locker Down Vehicle Console Safe provides reasonably-priced, discreet and high security storage of your firearms and valuables inside your truck/SUV/vehicles. Gone are the days of leaving your valuables unprotected in the glove-box. Locker Down has created a reasonably-priced, highly-durable vehicle console safe made with domestically-sourced materials. Protect yourself against the classic “smash and grab”.

Security Features

  • 12-Gauge, Cold Rolled Plate Steel Ensuring Strength & A Smooth, Cleaner Finish -- Made of 12-Gauge cold rolled plate steel ensures incredible strength while also a smooth & perfect surface finish. The cold-rolled process allows for more precise shapes which then allow for a better console safe fit in your vehicle.
  • Domestically-Sourced Steel (USA) -- Locker Down prides themselves on creating products using materials sourced from none-other than the USA.
  • Additional Welded 10-Gauge Plate Skeletonized to the Door for Added Strength Against Pry-Attacks (Exxtreme Model) -- A superior addition to strengthen the door and provide extra protection against pry-attacks by providing covering along the front and side gaps to resist prying along the gaps.
  • Welded Tab & Notch Seems Ensures Added Strength -- Welded tab & notch seems provides additional protection against attacks by adding additional strength to the console safe unit.
  • Superior 3-Point Locking System Guards Against Prying -- A 3-point locking system enables the top and bottom of the lid to be simultaneously secured in multiple places thereby guarding against pry-attacks.

Lock Features

  • Drill-Resistant Locks Protects Against Drill Attacks -- Worried about drill-attacks to the lock? Don’t be. The superior anti-drill lock that comes with this safe prevents the internal mechanism by snapping open or being penetrated even with high pressure drilling.
  • Largest Selection of Lock Options in the Industry -- No need to be stuck with a “standard lock” that does not fit your needs. Locker Down gives customers the option to choose from a variety of different lock options.

Lifetime Warranty

Locker Down creates the only products in their industry with a lifetime warranty because they stand behind their products always.

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