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Swivel Storage Solutions

Swivel Storage Solutions introduces their line of professional tool storage products that will withstand the test of time. Check out the popular Swivel Storage workbenches such as the Pro 60, Pro 30, or the Max 60. Need a road box service truck/van toolbox? Swivel Storage Solutions Road Boxes Pro 18, Pro 25, Pro 32, Pro 34, Pro 36 are great options. 

Why the Swivel Hinge System?

Their unique swivel hinge system will keep your drawers opening smoothly for years to come.

  • Unique Swivel Hinge System Will Keep Your Drawers Opening Smoothly For Years to Come -- While traditional slides & bearings wear out over the years, the swivel hinge system excels by working against dirt ever getting in through their grease-able single pivot shaft.
  • Grease-able Single Pivot Shaft That Won't Bind or Sag -- Protect your drawers from wearing out and keep your drawers opening nicely for years to come.
  • Drawers Swing Fully Open so You Never Have to Dig Blindly -- with the unique and patented swivel hinge system, it allows you to open your drawers fully so you can get full use and access to store all of your belongings
  • Flat Storage Bottoms Prevents Items from Catching and Jamming on the Drawer Above -- Making your drawers always easy to open.
  • Allows for Low-Resistance Opening & Closing That Allows Heavy Drawers to Easily Close Every Time -- With the swivel style opening mechanism, drawers open and close easily with one hand even with extremely heavy items inside.
  • Can Handle Extreme Weights - the fully welded, heavy-gauge, all-steel construction makes it incredibly strong and durable