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What Do I Need to Know About Freight Delivery?

A guide on how to handle curbside freight delivery as a customer for items weighing over 150 lbs.

Here at Top American Garage, we appreciate your business. Here is a guide addressing common questions on how to handle freight shipping as a customer so you, the customer, can be protected.

**All items over 150 lbs are subject to all the information in this guide**


**NEVER EVER SIGN/ACCEPT DELIVERY FOR A FREIGHT SHIPMENT IF YOU SEE DAMAGE ON THE BOX OR FEEL THERE MAY BE DAMAGE TO THE ITEM. NOTATE ON THE BILL OF LADING "REFUSED DUE TO DAMAGE". There will be no cost to you if item is refused at delivery due to damage and properly notated on Bill of Lading.


What Is Curbside Freight Delivery?

  • Curbside freight delivery is a free delivery surface offered by Top American Garage
  • It means that the item will be dropped curbside right at the end of your driveway
  • The delivery staff are not obligated to take your item any further than curbside if this is the service you chosen
  • Thus, we highly recommend an additional set of hands or equipment during time of delivery
  • Freight shipments are characterized by items placed on a wooden pallet


If Any Of These Circumstances Apply To You, Contact Us Immediately

***If any of these circumstances apply to you or if you are unsure, it is imperative you contact us immediately at 346-353-9299 so we can discuss options***

  • Please notify us if you feel any of the below scenarios apply to you so we can give the freight carrier a "heads up". However, you will be responsible for any fees incurred by freight company if they deem delivery scenario an extraordinary situation.
  • Freight companies may not deliver to a "dead end" street or Cul De Sac. 
  • Freight companies may only deliver to County, City or State Roads.
  • They may not deliver to a congested downtown area with no parking, or a doorman condo or apartment. 
  • Hard to access apartment complexes may pose freight delivery issues. 
  • If you have a narrow, steep, or inaccessible driveway
  • Remote areas may require additional fees from the freight company. 
  • "Limited access" locations may require additional fees from the freight company.

What are examples of "limited access" locations? (not an exhaustive list)

  • Airports
  • Casinos/hotels/etc.
  • Churches, Mosques, etc.
  • Schools
  • Medical Sites
  • Hard to enter apartment complexes
  • Prisons
  • Construction Sites
  • Mini Storage Units
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Military bases
  • Restaurants


When Will The Freight Truck Be Coming To Deliver My Order?

  • Once you place your order, it will take a few days for our manufacturers to prep the item for shipment (Please refer to the order fulfillment time range located on the product page. The time usually ranges from 1-10 business days not including any unforeseen circumstances or custom products)


When Do I Get Tracking Info?

  • Once your item is picked up by the freight company, it may take up to 48 hours for a tracking information to be relayed to you
  • Once tracking information is relayed to you, you will be able to track your shipment and find an estimated delivery date along with a contact number for the freight company should you want to get in touch with them directly
      • It is highly recommend for customers to contact the freight carrier directly should they have any pressing/immediate questions or concerns regarding delivery.
      • However, if you would like for us to speak to them on your behalf, feel free to reach out to us at 346-353-9299
  • The estimated delivery date is when the item reaches your local terminal barring unforeseen circumstances and delays.


You Will Receive A Call From the Freight Company To Set Up A Delivery Appointment

  • Once the item arrives at your local terminal, you will receive a telephone call from the freight company to schedule the delivery date
  • Freight companies will deliver between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday only. Because Mondays are heavy commercial delivery days, some terminals will avoid scheduling residential deliveries on Mondays.
  • You must be present or have someone there to inspect and sign for the product. There are no exceptions to this requirement.
  • There is a 4-8 hour Delivery Window.


IMPORTANT: How Do I Inspect My Package When the Freight Truck Arrives?

***Inspection is an incredibly important process and if done wrong can leave you unprotected. Someone needs to be present for delivery. The individual present for delivery needs to be educated with the following information***

***If you are unsure of what to do when the time comes, please contact us immediately***


**NEVER EVER SIGN/ACCEPT DELIVERY FOR A FREIGHT SHIPMENT IF YOU SEE DAMAGE ON THE BOX OR FEEL THERE MAY BE DAMAGE TO THE ITEM. NOTATE ON THE BILL OF LADING "REFUSED DUE TO DAMAGE". There will be no cost to you if item is refused at delivery due to damage and properly notated on Bill of Lading.


What Do I Do First? (How Do I Inspect?)

  • When the freight truck arrives, he will lower your package down with a lift gate
  • Ensure every piece noted on the packing slip is received
  • Inspect every piece individually 
  • You need to inspect the packaging for any rips, tears, abrasions, scratches, band is broken, etc.
  • **Take pictures of any damage to the packaging for us to have on file
  • If any damage to the packaging is seen, you want to go ahead and open up the packaging to inspect the item for any damage
  • **Again, take pictures of any damage for us to have on file
  • Sometimes a shipment may look okay on the outside but it's not okay on the inside. It is YOUR responsibility to check that your item was not damaged during shipment.
  • See below of an example of some packaging that has been damaged 



I See Some Damage OR Feel That There May Be Damage! What Do I Do?


**NEVER EVER SIGN/ACCEPT DELIVERY FOR A FREIGHT SHIPMENT IF YOU SEE DAMAGE ON THE BOX OR FEEL THAT ITEM MAY BE DAMAGED. NOTATE ON THE BILL OF LADING "REFUSED DUE TO DAMAGE". There will be no cost to you if item is refused at delivery due to damage and properly notated on Bill of Lading.


  • You need to notate on the Bill Of Lading (BOL) any damages (even the slightest damage)
  • Be as descriptive as possible. Put as much detail in the body of the BOL AND TAKE PICTURES.
      • Then write "REFUSED DUE TO DAMAGE" on the BOL
      • Proceed to then notify us immediately at
      • When refused at delivery due to freight-damage, the carrier will bear the responsibility of return shipment and cost of a replacement unit to be sent out 
      • Again, there will be no cost to you if item is refused at delivery due to damaged



      • As a reminder, Top American Garage or our partner brands will not refund you a portion of your purchase due to freight-delivery damage that is why we strongly recommend you to instead "refuse delivery" so you can get a replacement unit free of charge (at expense of freight carrier)
      • However, if you choose to accept the product as-is, you are accepting the damage to the product and releasing the carrier of any responsibility
      • That is why we instead advise to refuse item at delivery for even minor damage so that a replacement unit can be sent to you free of charge (at expense of the freight carrier).
      • Therefore, we strongly advise to refuse shipment at time of delivery + notate on BOL "refused due to damage" even if there is minor damage so a replacement unit can be sent to you free of charge
      • Please Note: We will try our best to get a replacement unit sent out to you ASAP. However, bear in mind, for custom made to order items or items out of stock, a replacement unit may take longer to ship out.

      If You Still Choose to Accept

      • Notate all damages on the BOL
      • Take Pictures
      • Take Videos
      • This will allow you to file a claim with the carrier
      • PLEASE NOTE: Top American Garage or our partner brands cannot guarantee if or how much the freight company will reimburse you. 


        What is the Bill of Lading (BOL)?

        • The Bill of Lading is a document which transfers the item into your possession once signed
        • Please see below of an example BOL:


        Can I Have Some Examples of How to Notate Damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL)?


        I Want To Change My Delivery Option / I Need An Upgraded Delivery Option (In-Home or In-Garage)

        Please reach out to us immediately so we can discuss options. Time is of the essence.


        Can I Choose The Freight Carrier?

        • If you would like to use your own chosen third party logistics companies, please contact us immediately so we can help you arrange.
        • This must be done before item is shipped out so time is of the essence!
        • Please note: You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred upon using your own chosen third-party carriers. 

        Important Things to Note

        • Freight carriers are a third-party logistic company and are not associated with Top American Garage thus any mishaps should not be reflected on the Top American Garage Brand. We like to remind customers that once your shipment is placed onto a freight truck, we have limited authority over that shipment. Therefore, we will not be able to offer any reimbursements for situations outside of our control. 
        • Trucking companies are not obligated/liable to pick up or deliver on a certain day unless you (the customer) pays for a guarantee delivery. Once your item is shipped out, you can arrange for this by either calling us at 346-353-9299 or calling the freight company directly at the given contact number.
        • The estimated date of arrival listed on the tracking website is just an estimate and usually refers to the date in which the item is delivered to your local terminal. You will be contacted prior to the actual delivery by the freight carrier to set up a delivery date & time. 
        • If you chose Free Standard Curbside Delivery, the freight carrier is not responsible to assist you with unpacking, set-up or moving the shipment beyond the curbside, or disposing of packing materials. If you would like a more upgraded delivery service, please call us at 346-353-9299 so we can help you arrange for white glove delivery. 
        • If delivery is not made within 3 business days of the shipment arriving in the terminal, the carrier may charge storage fees of which you (the customer) are responsible for. If shipment is out for delivery and you would like to reschedule or an individual is not present upon arrival, the carrier may charge re-delivery fees of which you (the customer) are responsible for.
        • This is what you (the customer) are agreeing to when you sign for delivery of damaged goods
            • If you choose to accept and sign the shipment with damage, you are accepting the product as-is.
            • You are relieving the freight company of any responsibility for this damage and there will be limited recourse with the carrier.
            • Since Top American Garage is not responsible for any damages or mishaps caused by the freight carrier, we are not obligated to give discounts or credits for a damaged product
            • Which is why it's imperative for you to follow these guidelines to have the best chance of filing a claim against the carrier
        • If, in the event, the driver wheels your item into the garage, further up the driveway, or any other similar types of scenarios, Top American Garage and our Partner Brands are not liable for any damages that may occur on your property
        • Please also refer to our Shipping, Returns, & Cancellation Policy for any other additional information:
        • Please contact us at 346-353-9299 should you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to assist you. We appreciate your understanding.




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        Great company! Great customer service!

        Sam at Top American Garage is AWESOME! She is informative & professional, yet warm & friendly. She walked me through everything I needed to know. She sent very detailed information about the delivery portion which was super helpful. The carrier who actually delivered the safe to my door was very helpful and even put the safe onto my dolly and helped me move it up to my garage. The safe arrived in perfect condition and is everything I expected. I recommend Top American Garage without hesitation!

        I’m amazed

        The safe I’ve been searching for. A deal I still can’t believe. Arrived earlier than expected. Delivery driver was excellent and helped much more than he had to. Customer service was great! 100% Five Stars


        The support and customer service was great. Was willing to work with me on price In order to make the deal happen. Item shipped in perfect condition with no problems. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks!

        Worth the wait

        Safe was custom built, so it took a while. But once it arrived, I knew it was worth the wait. Beautiful construction and quality.
        Costumer service was outstanding as well
        Will definitely recommend!


        Our first positive experience was that Top American Garage had the only safe to meet all of our specifications (biometric with very specific interior dimensions). But that was just the beginning.

        We are located upstairs in an old building with no elevator, so we requested “White Glove Service.” A few days later, TAG called us to say that they did not have a White Glove contractor in my area.

        We worked, internally, on a solution, but kept coming up short. Before we could solve it, TAG called us back saying that they found someone to provide the on site delivery, installation, and set-up services.

        The safe is perfect and their White Glove contractor was superb. They could have said, “We tried,” but they went above and beyond and solved the problem!