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Apple Mail Whitelisting - Step by Step Process


Step 1: On the top menu bar, click on “Mail” -> “Preferences”


Step 2: Under “Preferences”, click on “Rules”


Step 3: Click “Add Rule”


Step 4: Set the rule as pictured below with as the domain


Step 5: Click on the “No Mailbox Selected” icon & select “Inbox”


Step 6: Click”OK” when done!



Step 1: Open one of our emails and click on the sender name twice.


Step 2: Click “Create New Contact”


Step 3: Click “Done”


Step 4: Click “Done” again


And that is it! Once you've done this, you will start receiving our best offers and discounts right to your inbox. 


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Worth the wait

Safe was custom built, so it took a while. But once it arrived, I knew it was worth the wait. Beautiful construction and quality.
Costumer service was outstanding as well
Will definitely recommend!


Our first positive experience was that Top American Garage had the only safe to meet all of our specifications (biometric with very specific interior dimensions). But that was just the beginning.

We are located upstairs in an old building with no elevator, so we requested “White Glove Service.” A few days later, TAG called us to say that they did not have a White Glove contractor in my area.

We worked, internally, on a solution, but kept coming up short. Before we could solve it, TAG called us back saying that they found someone to provide the on site delivery, installation, and set-up services.

The safe is perfect and their White Glove contractor was superb. They could have said, “We tried,” but they went above and beyond and solved the problem!

Hollon Safe

Great customer service throughout the entire process. We had to reschedule and also had several questions RE the safe, installation process, etc... all were handled with very timely and detailed responses. Many thanks!!!

Ford Scott

A real safe

This thing is built like a tank. Flawless process from purchase to delivery!



Office Chair

My order arrived in a timely manner, it was packaged up very well and the quality of the product was better than expected. I’m very happy with my new office chair.