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Sun Welding H24 Heirloom Home/Office Fire & Burglary Safe | 24"H x 21"W x 20"D | Up to 90 Min Fire

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Dimensions: 24"H x 21"W x 20"D

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Sun Welding’s H24 Heirloom Series Fireproof Home/Office Fire & Burglary Safe is an American Made safe and is one of the highest quality & most beautifully finished home security safe you can find with the most affordable prices.


High-Security Features

The H24 Heirloom Series High-Security Fire & Burglary Safe features 3/16-Inch thick solid steel plate doors and solid 7/64-inch (12-Gauge) frames.

It also features an EMP-resistant, Group 2 combination lock or electronic lock, which is protected by a ¼-inch drill-resistant hard plate, and an additional ½-inch absorption plate to resist impact or punch attacks.

And unlike many other safes in the industry, which features only one re-locker, the Heirloom Fire & Burglary safe features two (2) spring-loaded relockers to protect the lock and secures the safe even if the lock is completely destroyed.

The Heirloom Series Fire & Burglary Safe exceeds UL RSC and DOJ Requirements. It is American Made with the highest quality materials and backed by a lifetime warranty!


 SunWelding Heirloom Product Description Creative - Security Features Overview


  • Maximum Protection from Pry-bar and Crowbar Attacks with 3/16-Inch Thick Solid Steel Plate Doors: The doors on the Heirloom series safe is reinforced by a 3/16-inch thick solid steel plate, which is stronger steel than what other leading competitors are offering. This means that it will be almost impossible for a burglar to ever use a pry-bar or crowbar to break into this safe. 
  • Sturdy, Durable and Drill-Resistant 7/64-inch (12-Gauge) Solid Steel Body/Frames: In addition to the sturdy doors, the body of the Heirloom series is built with thick 12-gauge steel. This is stronger than other common fire & burglary safes and protects your safe against drill & power-tool attacks.
  • More Protection Against Pry-Bar and Crowbar Attacks with Recessed Doors: The recessed doors means that it is very difficult for thieves to jam their pry-bar or crowbar between the gaps in the door and break into this safe.

Sun Welding constructs the doors and body with only SOLID steel to ensure maximum strength and security of your safe. Most other manufacturers make safes with doors and bodies that may look thick, but they are actually filled with composite drywall (with very thin slabs of steel). They may look strong, but they’re actually quite weak!


  • No Weak/Vulnerable Attack Points with Continuously Welded Steel: The attention to detail and meticulous welding of this safe means that there are absolutely no weak spots on all sides of this safe, making it very difficult for burglars to break into the Heirloom series safe!


This is unlike what most manufacturers do, which renders their safe susceptible to “skip-welding”. Skip-welded safes mean that some areas may not be welded as well as others, creating weak spots for burglars to take advantage of.


 SunWelding Heirloom Product Description Creative - Security Features Overview


  • Drill & Punch Resistant Boltworks: The door bolts of this safe has been reinforced and protected to make it one of the most secure door bolts on the market that is resistant to extreme drill or punch attacks. In total, there are (15) 1-inch diameter doors bolts that protect all sides of the doors. 
  • (2) Re-Lockers to Protect Door Bolts & Lock and Secures Safe Even if Locks Are Completely Destroyed: Unlike most safes, which only has one relocker to protect the lock, Sun Welding’s safes have two to secure your safe from being breached even if the locks are destroyed. 
  • (2) Drill-Resistant & Anti-Punch Hard Plates to Protect Door Bolts and the Lock: In addition to the (2) relockers, the bolts and locks are also protected by (2) hard plates. One ¼-inch drill-resistant hard plate protects the lock from drill attacks, while the other ½-inch punch-resistant hard plate protects the door bolts from punch attacks.

When it comes to door bolts, the thickness is not everything! What matters more is how the doors bolts are protected and designed. Sun Welding’s bolts are protected by drill-resistant hard plates and are long enough to extend behind the frames for additional protection. Most safe manufacturers may create bolts that appear thick, but are largely unprotected and short, making it very susceptible to drill or punch attacks. 



Fire Protection Features

All of Sun Welding’s Heirloom Series Safes undergoes stringent fire-testing procedures and has been shown to protect your valuables against extreme heat & smoke. Not only that, but Sun Welding also offers you 4 different levels of fire protection to match your needs exactly!

SunWelding Heirloom Product Description Creative - Fireproof Features Overview


  • Up to 90 Minutes @ 1,200F Fire Protection: Depending on which upgrade you select, your safe can have up to 1.5-Hour of fire protection at 1,200F. This means that your safe’s internal temperature will not exceed 350F in the allotted time.
  • Protection Against Heat & Smoke with an Expanding Fire Seal: When exposed to heat, the seals on the doors will expand up to 8x its own size, thereby creating an extremely tight seal around the doors to keep away heat and smoke!


The External Hinge Advantage Sun Welding Safes are built with external hinges. Not only are external hinges just as secure as internal hinges, but external hinges also allow for a tighter seal around the doors to protect against heat and smoke. Why? Because there is no need to create gaps in the seal to make room for these internal hinges!


  • No Hot Spots with Continuously Welded Steel: When it comes to extreme heat, the first vulnerable spot for your safe is anywhere the safe was not properly welded (or skip-welded), which happens a lot in other big-box safes. Sun Welding’s safes have been meticulously welded to avoid skip-welding, protecting your safe’s interior from extreme heat!
  • Maximum Fire & Heat Protection with ⅝-Inch Fireboards: The fireboards used in this safe is 25% thicker than the ½-inch fireboards used by most safe manufacturers.


Other Exterior/Interior Features

The Heirloom Fire & Burglary Safes are not only made for security and fire-resistance, but they are also made to be beautiful both inside and out. Not only do you have the option of having multiple finishes and interior fabrics, but each safe is hand-crafted to give you the most beautiful and luxurious experience (without paying the big bucks!)


SunWelding Heirloom Product Description Creative - Exterior and Interior Features Overview


  • Beautiful Hand-Crafted Exterior Finish: Choose from either a matte gray finish or from a variety of gloss paint finishes. And whatever you choose, all of Sun Welding’s safes are hand-painted and finished with hand-applied logos. The Heirloom series safe also comes with a 5-spoke handle for a beautiful finishing touch!
  • Tailor Your Storage Needs With Customizable Interiors: Sum Welding offers 3 different rifle configurations or a solid collected shelf interior to match your unique storage needs exactly.
  • Store As Much As You Want with High Capacity ¾-Inch Particle Board: Sun Welding has hand-built interiors made from solid ¾-inch particle boards for high load capacity to ensure durability and strength to store whatever you need to store! 
  • Protect Your Valuables and Experience Luxury with Velour Fabric: Choose from a variety of luxurious velour fabric to protect your guns & other valuables from scratches.
  • (6) Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes to Bolt Down the Safe: Finally, each of Sun Welding’s safes comes with (6) pre-drilled mounting bolt holes should you wish to bolt down your safe to add more security!


Overview of Options

 Sun Welding Hinge Options

Sunwelding Color Options

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Ronald T.

love the customer service provided to me while I bought my sun welding safe.

Saul H.

I bought a Sun welding heirloom model safe and it finally arrived today. I cannot believe what a safe this is. The exterior paint is absolutely beautiful. A real work of art. The entire process from a-z was incredibly professional. I would recommend this safe and this company to anyone. The customer service rep was able to help me with all my questions.

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As far as the shipment boxes look secure and we'll have not opened them to inspect all of them for color or defect s we see not ready to install yet.

Excellent Customer Service

I want to commend Sam for providing excellent customer service from the beginning till the end of the transaction. I encountered a delivery issue upon receipt of my Hollon safe. I notified Sam of my dilemma and she immediately contacted the shipping company to resolve the issue. Thank you Sam for providing excellent customer service and making my purchase a very pleasant experience. I will continue to do business with Top American Garage in the future.

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