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Beta Tools C55 Comprehensive Workshop Equipment Combination

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Dimensions: 212.6" W x 78.74" H x 29.92" D

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Product Description

Designed to give you everything you need to organize your space & work efficiently.

As the name suggests, the Beta Tools C55 Comprehensive Workshop Equipment Combination is the most comprehensive combination of garage systems you can find.

It has everything you need to complete your garage or workspace systems, to ensure that you have all the storage space you need to properly organize your items and to also get your work done efficiently.

**See the Key Features and Benefits section below for a full breakdown of each of these individual parts.**

The C55 Combination Workshop Equipment comes with the following modules 

- Sheet Metal Single-door tool cabinet (C55A1)

- Sheet Metal Two-door tool cabinet (C55A2)

- 2-m Long Workbench (C55BO/2)

- 2-M Long Workbench with sockets (C55PRO BO/2)

- Mobile roller cabinet with 7 drawers (C55C7)

- Fixed cabinet module with 2 storage drawers (C55M2)

- Fixed module with 7 drawers (C55M7)

- Fixed service module (C55MS)

- Tool panel with suspended cabinets (C55/2PM)

- Tool panel with a shutter (C55PS-O)

Key Features & Benefits

C55A1 & C55A2: Sheet Metal Single & Double Door Tool Cabinet

  • 3 Removable, Vertically Adjustable Shelves -- And choose the configuration of the shelves exactly to your liking. The C55A1 and C55A2 come with 3 removable & vertically adjustable shelves.

  • Lock Equipped with Shelves -- Giving you the peace of mind that your most prized belongings are kept safe and secure. This cabinet also has a lock that is built into the unit

C55BO/2:  2-m Long Workbench

  • Sheet Metal Base -- This unit is built with strength, sturdiness, and durability as its main priority. This workbench is crafted from sheet metal as its primary frame, which ensures strength, sturdiness, and durability.

  • Shockproof, Non-Scratch, and Hydrocarbon Resistant PVC Coat -- The PVC coating applied to the worktop prevents corrosion overtime and drastically increases the durability and preserves the quality of this workbench. This workbench is coated with a shock-proof and scratch-resistant PVC coating that is hydrocarbon resistant. 

  • Holes for Vices -- The C55B worktop comes with holes where you can install a vice (Vices sold separately -- 1599F/150).

C55PRO BO/2:  2-m Long Workbench (With Built In Sockets)

  • Worktop is shockproof, scratch-resistant, and hydrocarbon resistant -- Like the C55B worktops, the PVC coating in this unit adds durability as it prevents degradation or corrosion as you use this workbench to work on your projects. The worktop that comes with this workbench is covered with the same PVC coating that is shockproof, scratch-resistant, and resistant to hydrocarbons. 

  • Sheet Metal Base - Durability, strength, and rigidity is what results from its sheet metal frame/base. The entire unit is framed with sheet metal. This unit is really built to last.

  • Built-in sockets and roller -- The built-in sockets and rollers allow you to work on anything you want with this workbench. It comes equipped with a schuko socket (+16+10A), a standard plug (+10A), and a compressed air outlet and roller (Ø 8 mm. Length: 10 m). 

  • Holes for vice -- The worktop comes equipped with holes in case you’re planning on adding vices to your workbenches.

  • Vertically adjustable feet -- Customize and configure this workbench according to your own liking to maximize your comfort while working. This workbench also comes with vertically adjustable feet, allowing you to customize and configure this workbench according to your own liking to maximize your comfort while working.

C55C7:  Mobile Roller Cabinets with 7 Drawers

  • 7  Drawers (With Ball Bearing Slides) -- Open up your drawers and get to your tools quickly & with ease. The drawers in the C55C Roller Cab comes equipped with ball bearing slides to ensure that your drawers always slides smoothly.

  • 4 Castors (With Steering & Brakes) -- Move your tools and your cabinet around quickly and easily. The 4 castors that come with this product are capable of steering so you can move your roller cabinets around with ease. With a flick of a tab, you can also apply the brakes so you can lock it in place when needed as well.

  • Aluminum Opening System -- Never worry about your cabinets corroding or degrading over time. The aluminum opening system not only gives this cabinet the sleek look its customers love but also the rigidity and durability in the drawers.

  • Rubber Protected Bases -- Prevent scratches and preserve your tools as you store them. All of the drawers in the C55C series comes with rubber protected bases, which protects your tools and the drawers itself from wear and tear.

  • Front Centralized Lock -- Ensure safety and security for all your valuable tools & belongings. All C55C drawers come with a front centralized lock for added security.

  • Can Be Fitted with Foam Trays -- If you’d like further customization and organization for your tools, you can purchase foam trays to supplement your drawers. (Foam trays sold separately). 

C55M2 & C55M7: Fixed Cabinet Module with Drawers

  • 2 or 7 Drawers -- Comes equipped with multiple drawers to give you a lot of room and options to organize and compartmentalize your tools. 

  • Drawers with Ball Bearing Slides -- Slide the drawers out smoothly and get to your tools quickly. The drawers in the C55C Roller Cabinet comes equipped with ball bearing slides to ensure that your drawers always open and close super smoothly!

  • Aluminum Opening System -- Never worry about your cabinets corroding or degrading over time. The aluminum opening system not only gives this cabinet the modern look but also an added rigidity and durability for the whole unit.

  • Rubber Protected Bases -- Prevent scratches to your tools and the drawers and preserve your tools for longer. All the drawers in this series come with foamed rubber mats. 

  • Front Centralized Lock -- Ensure that all your valuable tools are kept securely as all C55C drawers come with a front centralized lock for added security.

  • Can Be Fitted with Foam Trays -- If you’d like further customization and organization for your tools, you can purchase foam trays to supplement your drawers. (Foam trays sold separately). 

C55MS: Fixed Service Module

  • Built-In Waste Bin -- Always keep your workspace clean and keep it organized with the C55MS built-in waste bin.

  • Perforated Paper Roll Compartment -- Wipe of all that oil, dirt and grime while you’re working on the job immediately with the Perforated Paper Roll Compartment.

  • Storage Drawer -- Need additional storage? This module provides you an additional compartment to store more items.

C55/2PM: Tool Wall System with 2 Suspended Cabinets

  • 2 Suspended Cabinets -- Overhead storages are a great way to add storage space without adding more clutter to your space. The C55/2PM features 2 suspended cabinets each measuring 47.4 x 15.75 x 11.81 inches (1,204 x 400 x 300mm) for much needed additional storage.

  • Cabinets Fitted with Gas Springs -- Each of the suspended cabinets are fitted with gas springs, making opening and closing the doors a breeze. 

  • Wall Panel Included -- Organize and display your tools to easily access them when you need to. This tool wall system includes a wall panel that can accommodate perforated tool panels (C55/PF) to be ordered separately.

  • Sheet Metal Frames -- Built with incredible strength, rigidity, and durability. This tool panel was made with sheet metal frames, ensuring rigidity and strength to its structure.

C55PS-O: Tool Wall System with Shutter

  • Vertically Adjustable Aluminium Shutter (With Lock) -- The aluminum shutters not only leads to the sleekness of this product, but also adds strength, durability, and security. The C55PS tool wall system also comes with a built-in aluminum shutter and a lock to keep your tools safe and secure.

  • Removable Perforated Tool Panel -- Store, organize and display your tools for easy access when needed. Also included is a perforated tool panel that you can use to hang and organize your important work tools.

  • Sheet Metal Frames - This wall system also comes equipped with sheet metal frames to add strength, durability, and rigidity to your wall system. Simply said, this wall system is built to last.


  • 50-Hook GPS Kit Included -- Get started with hanging and organizing your tools as soon as your items arrive. With the purchase of this tool wall system, you will also get a 50-hook GPS kit that helps you get started immediately.

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Great products at the lowest prices... plus free shipping!

Purchasing my Trinity cabinets from Top American Garage was easy and the least expensive option I could find. Order confirmation and shipping were prompt and the products arrived undamaged. I'll be back for any future needs.

Great service

Originally was concerned making a large purchase online with a company I was not familiar with. So I called and spoke to Sam, who has been great to deal with. I voiced my concerns to her which she suggested I call the actual manufacturer to verify they are a vendor which I hadn't thought of. The manufacture did confirm not only a they a vendor they are one of their largest vendors. All products arrived on time. Communication has been great!

Beautiful Safe

This thing is massive! Exactly what I wanted! It'll definitely be the center piece of my little gun room. It's pretty amazing for KODIAKs entry level safe. Super heavy duty and I can't say it enough, it's beautiful... The attached interior pic isn't 100% finished, but I have the led kit with 6 12 inch strips installed

Awesome customer service

The first time around I had trouble getting ahold of anyone... But this second time around, the young lady who was helping me was amazing! She kept in contact with me from beginning to end and always with a quick response time. I'm super happy that you guys were able to get the safe I wanted back in stock. Your company was my first choice to buy from when the start of my researching safes. Thanks again

Locker Down (LD2014) Console Safe 2007 - 2014 Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon & Yukon XL (Split Bench)